Last updated: January 11, 2018

How do I earn Bitcoin Cash?

After signing up you’ll start to earn bitcoin cash instantly and by watching videos or by visiting our offer walls to complete surveys & offers you’ll be able to earn an unlimited amount of bitcoin cash daily.

Are there requirements for receiving payments?

Yes they’re you must be an active member on our website for at least 24 hours and you must completed at least 10 surveys or offers from anyone of the offer walls.

What is the minimum withdraw?

Our minimum withdraw is now 1000 Satoshi.

How do we send payments?

We send payments to your Bitcoin cash address using Faucethub.

Which payment processors do we use?

We now use Faucet Hub as our payment processor.

When do we send payments?

Payments are sent within 7 business days and depending on your account Level you can receive payments within 72 hours.

Can I use more than one Bitcoin Cash Address?

Yes you can use more than one bitcoin cash address and a unique address is required for each account.

We will send your payment the Bitcoin cash address you have set in your account when we’re sending payment’s, so you should always make sure that your Bitcoin cash address is correct and up to date in the account area.

How often do new offers get added?

New offers are added everyday by our the advertisers / partners and they’re available to you to earn Bitcoin Cash from daily!

I did not get satoshi for an offer I completed?

There many reasons this may happen a few of them are:

  1. Your browser is not accepting cookies.
  2. You are using a VPN.
  3. You may be using an ad-blocker.
  4. Anti-virus or anti-malware program is blocking cookies.
  5. You may have been trying to complete the offer with invalid “fake” information.

If you have checked all of the above and have still not been credited, please be patient as sometimes there are delays in our third party networks. If after 25 hours you have still not received your Satoshi, please contact us and the admin will look into it for you asap.

Can I complete the same offer twice?

Yes you can. Some offers are daily and you may complete them more than once a day while there are others which can only be completed once or once a day. Please read the description carefully before trying a survey or offer so that you know exactly what to do.

Why do I have an “On Hold” balance?

Due to possible chargebacks we’ve decided it’s best to put high risk earnings on hold, until it has been cleared by the advertisers which may take 2 – 3 weeks to be completed depending on the type of survey or offer completed.
Please Note: If your account is in good standings and you’ve been a valued member for at least a month you can expect your on hold balance to be added to your normal balance within 7 business days.

Referral Program

How it works?

  1. You must be a active member to receive both Referral & Daily bonuses.
    Requirements for:
    Daily bonus: you must visit us at least once within the past 24 hours.
    Referral bonus: You must earn at least 1000 satoshi within the past 24 hours.
  2. You’ll earn a referral bonus depending on your account bonus level, which can reach up to 30% for life! Example:
    LVL 0: 5% Direct referrals
    LVL 1: 10% Direct referrals
    LVL 2: 15% Direct referrals + 5% Tier Two Referrals
    LVL 3: 20% Direct referrals + 10% Tier Two Referrals
  3. You’ll also receive a bonus whenever your direct referral becomes verified.
  4. Direct referrals become verified after verifying their email, logging and completing at least 3 surveys or offers.
  5. You’ll earn a percentage (as shown above) of everything that your verified & active referrals earn when they complete surveys & offers for life!

Simply share your unique referral link with as many people as you can!

When you refer someone who completes a survey or an offer for example 100000 Satoshi, and you have a Bonus LVL 3 account (20% Bonus), 20000 Satoshi will be credited to your account instantly and if it was a Tier Two Referral you would have earned  (10% Bonus), 10000 Satoshi.

You’ll not be able to earn referral bonuses when your referral claims a promo code, get their daily bonus prize, earns other bonuses. You can only earn referral bonuses from surveys & offers completed by your verified referrals.

Upgrading your bonus LVL

There are 4 bonus levels available starting with 0 and in order to upgrade your account bonus LVL you must first pass the requirements for each LVL, visit the referrals page and click on the Lean More button to view the rewards, requirements and learn more about upgrading your account.

Daily Bonus Prize

After upgraded your account to level 1, 2 or 3 your account will automatically be given a daily bonus prize at 9:00 PM EST depending on your level.

In order to keep your daily bonus prize active you must complete the following:
Visit EarningBCH within the past 24 hours
Earn at least 1000 satoshi within the past 24 hours

Failure to complete the requirements above will result in your daily bonus being temporarily deactivated until you’re an active member again.