How do I earn Bitcoin Cash?

After signing up you’ll start to earn bitcoin cash instantly and by watching videos or by visiting our offer walls to complete surveys & offers you’ll be able to earn an unlimited amount of bitcoin cash daily.

Bonus Levels and Rewards

Hear is what you get for upgrading By upgrading up your account bonus level, you’ll be given access to new ways that should help you to earn much more CH! View the full list of requirements & the rewards available to you after upgrading your account below. Bonus Level Satoshi Rebate Daily Bonus Direct Referral Bonus Tier…
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Referral Program – How it works?

Share your unique referral link to invite your friends, family and followers to EarningBCH! As a token of appreciation, you’ll get to keep a percentage of their earnings – FOR LIFE! (Depending on your Bonus Level) Whenever someone signs up with your unique referral link. You’ll earn percentage of everything your referrals earn when they complete…
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Can I complete the same offer twice?

Yes you can. Some offers are daily and you may complete them more than once a day while there are others which can only be completed once or once a day. Please read the description carefully before trying a survey or offer so that you know exactly what to do.

Why do I have an “On Hold” balance?

Due to possible chargebacks we’ve decided it’s best to put high risk earnings on hold, until it has been cleared by the advertisers which may take 2 – 3 weeks to be completed depending on the type of survey or offer completed. Please Note: If your account is in good standings and you’ve been a…
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I did not get satoshi for an offer I completed?

There many reasons this may happen a few of them are: Your browser is not accepting cookies. You are using a VPN. You may be using an ad-blocker. Anti-virus or anti-malware program is blocking cookies. You may have been trying to complete the offer with invalid “fake” information. If you have checked all of the…
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How often do new offers get added?

New offers are added everyday by our the advertisers / partners and they’re available to you to earn Bitcoin Cash from daily!

How do we send payments?

We send payments to your Bitcoin cash address using Coinbase or Faucethub.

What is the minimum withdraw?

Our minimum withdraw is now 100000 Satoshi.

Are there requirements for receiving payments?

Yes they’re you must be an active member on our website for at least 24 hours and you must completed at least 10 surveys or offers from anyone of the offer walls.